Code Of Conduct

Below is a list of the rules of conduct we expect players to adhere to while playing in this channel. Please keep in mind that this is a living document, it can, and likely will change. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of these rules, please feel free to reach out to any one of the STs and we will be happy to answer your questions or address said concerns. By submitting a character it is assumed that you have not just read the rules, but agreed to abide by them.

OOC Behaviour

Be Nice to your fellow players.
I can not stress this enough… you know that old saying, I think it goes something along the lines of "If you cannot say something nice, then shut the hell up" ?? No? I'm sure that's how it goes…. in any case… this applies. There is no faster way to get kicked from the game than by being nasty to another player! (that is OOCly guys, not ICly). This includes insults, trolling, hate speech, ect. If you aren't sure, err on the side of caution. I do not expect you all to be buddy buddy and get along, but I do expect to see a certain level of mutual respect.

OOC Channel
There is an OOC channel for a reason - And that reason is for OOC discussion. If you have an OOC question for the ST, then the OOC channel is a good place to ask it, or to ask if you can PM the ST. Also, for simply friendly OOC discussion. (I'm not certain why people are confused on this either). What the OOC channel is not for, is trolling other players, hate speech, etc. See above
Another topic of discussion that will not be tolerated, is smack talk about other games. If you want to talk about other games, that is perfectly fine, but do not come into channel and complain about other games, their STs, or their players.

Real life comes first
We all have lives outside of game, and as such, we will not penalize players for not being able to be online for rp or scheduled games. We will try to run things when the majority of players are available, and we will try to give a heads up for upcoming events, however, it is not always possible to account for everyone's schedules. Worst case scenario, if a player has information that is pertinent to the plot, we will work with them to make sure that information is passed on

Roleplay and Game

IC is IC
This is a game, and you are not going to always agree with, or like what another Character does. Please try to keep this from entering the ooc discussions in a negative way. Please also refrain from PMing the other player to correct them, or try to change their actions oocly. If you cannot do so… You will be booted from the channel and put in time out so fast your head will spin… I kid you not.. I'm wicked that way.

Playing a Character
You will not always like what a PC does, or agree with it. This is not just your story, and that is not your character. You do not get to determine how someone else reacts or acts. The World of Darkness is just that, dark. Characters will not always see eye to eye. You likely would not like someone telling you how to play your character, so please do not do so to someone else.

Multiple PCs
You can have multiple PCs (see creation rules), those characters can even know about each other. What they cannot do, is benefit each other. Sorry, no super friends. Given the nature and size of the game, there may be times when your characters must interact. Please make sure an ST is aware and present. The ST staff will determine if actions taken break the spirit of this rule
Please do not play multiple PCs in a channel at a time unless STs have given permission. There are times where such is appropriate (such as meetings), and we will let you know

No lurking in the IC channels. If you have to step away for a few moments and go afk, that is one thing, though we do ask that you not make a habit of this. If you are afk, or in the channel on an OOC nick, you cannot use the information seen ICly. (obviously if you have entered and emoted coming IC and simply forgotten to change your nick, this does not apply. We've all done that)

OOC Comments in the IC Channel
Just don't. If someone makes an IC comment, please do not oocly correct them in the IC channel. The falls a little under the Playing a character clause, and keeping IC and OOC separate. It is also really obnoxious. So please, don't. If you have to step away, you can add an ooc comment to your emote, to let people know you doing such, that will not be penalized

If it is not in writing, it is not approved - If you want something new on your PC, I expect it in email. I am not searching through a bazillion logs just to find the "OMGTheCoolestPowerEver!!" I supposedly approved last week. If you do not have an email in hand stating that "Why yes, you can have the OMGTheCoolestPowerEver!!" Then guess what… you don't have it, and are unlikely to ever get it. Sucks to be you. You are responsible for tracking your own approvals as well as your xp expenditures

Character Sheets
The STs must have a copy of your most recent sheet. If you make xp purchases, you must send the updated sheet to the STs. If you do not do so the sheet, the one on file is assumed to be correct and that is what we will be using.

No Metagaming
If you are caught, you will be penalized. End of story. If you do not know what metagaming is, ask, I'll be happy to explain it.

Will not happen! This is a game for everyone, not just a few. Now, that being said, the more you put into the game, the more you will get out of it. If I drop plot hooks, and you sit around and do nothing with them, but someone else does… then guess who isn't getting to have fun with plot? That's right, you. I will make plot hooks available to everyone, but I will not force you to chase them. What you do with said plot hooks is entirely up to you. Also, complaining about other players getting special treatment doesn't actually make me want to do anything with your PC… especially not when you've been given the same opportunity for plot as everyone else. If however, you do feel like you are being left out, PM me and we will discuss it rationally and see what we can work out.

Plot hogging
Didn't your mother ever teach you to share!!?? Seriously… people, try to share the plot!! Coordinate, work as a group. I am all for running personal plot (and believe me, personal plot will happen), but I make priority for those groups with 2 or more people (sorry all you solo ninjas). Now… this falls under favoritism a bit too, but if another person gets a plot, and runs with it.. and you sit there.. and do nothing with it… then do not complain that the other person is hogging the plot. They aren't, you were just being lazy.

The World of Darkness and Triggers
As mentioned previously, this world setting is dark. Our game setting in particular is not just dark, but also bleak, and peppered with Adult and/or upsetting themes. If we are running a plot, and it is a theme that is a trigger for you, please let us know you need out of the scene and we will work with you to extract your character from said plot without penalizing you.

Care and Feeding of your ST Staff

Be nice to your ST!!
Or rocks will fall on your PCs and they will all die! I'm totally kidding on that… mostly… STing is a tough job, for very little pay (ie:… none). Please bear in mind that there are many players in the game and only one ST, so please be patient. Also, for much the same reason… please try to work out your differences amongst your selves before bringing it to me. If you must bring an issue with another PC to me, there is a very good chance that you will need to sit down with the other player to discuss it like the mature adults I know you all are (if needed, I will mediate). Also, please bear in mind that as an ST it is my job to balance the game, not make sure everyone likes each other… see above rules.

Do not Argue with the ST
This sorta falls under being nice to your ST. During the course of the game, I am likely to make rulings you do not agree with… maybe it works better for plot, maybe I am using a different rule (white wolf puts out so many books with so very very many different mechanics and rules… this is a highly likely scenario) I ask that you not argue, especially during combat scenes. This disrupts the game, and makes things take a zillion times longer to resolve… Don't do it. If you dissagree with my ruling, kindly PM me *AFTER* combat is resolved to discuss it. If it is not during combat, please PM me and be courteous about why you disagree with my ruling.

STs have lives too!
The ST staff here, while dedicated to running a fantastic game, also have lives and obligations off IRC. We do play in other games as well. If the ST staff is in channel, you can always feel free to pm us to address any questions or concerns. If however, we do not respond right away, it is because we are busy, and not that we are ignoring you. If we tell you we cannot respond right away, or that we are busy, please respect that. The same goes for if we are taking a night off to play our own character or play in another game, or just want a night off. Please be patient.

Breaking the Rules
So what happens when a rule is broken? There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to this. The STs will look at each situation on a case by case basis. Usually we will simply give a warning, but if behaviorpersists, you may be asked to take a time out or in extreme cases, asked to leave the game

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