Game Style Sheet
Style of Play Description Rating Notes
Action Combat and challenges 4 This is not a monster of the week sort of game. Yes there will be combat, but the bigger challenges that are faced cannot necessarily be fought with weapons. There will be many challenges to overcome.
Character Development Personal dilemmas and choices 5 This is a game of personal choice and dilemmas, and you will find your characters faced with both often. The choices, good and bad, will impact future stories and RP. Actions have consequences.
Darkness PC death or corruption 3 While there will very likely be some character death, depending on choices made throughout the game, it is not the goal of the ST staff to kill PCs. Corruption on the other hand, that is a very real possibility.
Drama Ceremony and grand story 3
Intrigue Politics and negotiation 4
Manners Social etiquette and peer pressure 3
Mystery Enigmas and investigation 4 There will be plenty of opportunity and things to investigate over the course of the game.
Pace How fast do stories emerge, develop, and resolve? 3 Certain stories will move at a faster pace than others
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