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The Last War

Man's history is rife with takes of battle, and the atrocities of war… but the Last War.. that was the war to end all wars

No one really knows who dropped the first bomb, though there are countless theories. In the end, it doesn't really matter, the end result was the same. What is known is that the first bomb fell on the United States, and the next on Russia. By the end of the War, no country had been spared, countless were dead or dying, our world was poisoned beyond all repair and the veil lay shattered.

While the war raged on, the supernatural denizens of the world joined the fray. Some sought to mitigate as much damage as possible, while others sought to profit from the exchange. It did not take long for everyone to realize that there would be no coming back from this, and that it would continue to escalate. Various groups scrambled to convert what ships they could, in a desperate bid for survival. Only a few of those ships reached space. The ships took who they could, each following their own guidelines, but countless were left behind to die in the nuclear fallout and winter to follow.

Over the years, the ships have gradually come together to form a large hodgepodge of a space station that now houses all of earth's survivors, mundane and supernatural alike. They have been monitoring the earth for signs of life, with no success to date. The population is carefully regulated, so as not to strain the ships capacities, food, water and medicine rationed out.


Life on the ARK
The ARK - location discriptions

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