Life On The Ark

Life on the ARK is far from easy.

Food and water are carefully monitored and rationed out. As is medicine and luxuries.

Amid very real fears of over population and stressing the resources of the station, the population is carefully controlled. A family is only allowed one child, unless special permission is granted. If a second child is discovered the repercussions are swift and harsh.


Politics aboard the ARK is far more complex than one might initially think and there are far more parties at play.

The main political party, is the Council. This is made up of a group of a representative from each of the main racial group, Awakened, Kindred, Lost, and Mortals. They are joined by the chief engineer, chief security officer and chief medical officer and the Chairman. All decisions, including punishments, are voted on by the council and pass with a majority vote. The head of the council, the Chairman, abstains from the votes except in the case of a tie. Each group chooses its representative using their own methods. The Chairman is always a descendant of Prescott and they hold the position until death or they cannot fulfill the duties any longer, then it is passed to the next in line.

Aside from the council, each of the racial groups have their own politics.

Awakened - The Mages call their councilor a "Hierarch" and they are chosen by the "Consilii" (Mages Council) from the highest ranking mages. The Consilii is made up made up of the eldest or most advanced among their path, one mage
from each Path, so that each Watchtower has a voice.
Kindred - The Vampires call their councilor a "Prince" and they are "chosen" from the eldest. Whomever can hold it, is Prince. They are advised by their own council of primogen, one from each clan, and chosen by the Prince
Lost - The Changelings tried to hold to the seasonal courts for as long as they could, however, given their location, there were no signs to indicate the changing of the season. They have since moved to a single monarch. of the The Dawn Court.
Mortals - The mortals hold elections and the people vote on their representative

There are other factions on the ARK that work to change the political structure.

ARK Justice

Justice aboard the ARK is handled very quickly. There are no long drawn out court cases, if you are accused of a crime, you are swiftly investigated by the security force and then brought before the Council to face your sentencing. Depending on the crime and its severity, one could face reprimand, or reduction in resources, such as water or food. Any crime that could endanger others aboard the ARK, such as theft of medicine, food, inciting violence, murder, etc, there is only one punishment, and that is blood harvest.

The Guardians are predominately responsible for bringing forth potential crimes to be investigated by the security officers, and as such, they are rarely given a warm welcome.



While the ARK is overwhelmingly secular, Religion does play a part in the lives of many inhabitants

Many people aboard the ARK practice various different faiths, all brought to the ARK and by those fleeing earth, and then passed down through the generations. There are some Faiths aboard the ARK that are worth noting however.

The Circle (AKA the Circle of the Crone) - Once a faith reserved almost solely for the Kindred (they have always allowed some ghouls and mortals into the lowest ranks), they have been welcoming more and more into their ranks. Many of their teachings appeal to the people and they have capitalized on that.
Lancea Sanctum - In the years after the exodus of earth, the Lancea Sanctum came into fatal conflict with the Circle of the Crone. Unable to adapt their views, and through poor leadership, the Lancea Sanctum continued to try to "save" humanity. As a result, the Circle was able to rally the support needed to purge the Lancea. Rumors persist that some managed to escape.
Bechtelians - A relatively young and small "religion", this Faith is seeing more growth in recent years. Formed in the aftermath of Prescott Bechtel's death, followers of this faith see Prescott as a sort of saint, or divinity. His descendants are viewed in much the same light. The Betchtelians seek to protect the divine spark in the Bechtel lineage and to guide humanity as they believe Prescott would have done. They sacrifice much of their worldly possessions or take smaller portions of food so that larger portions can be given to those in greater need of them.


The ARK only has a few "holidays" that are universally recognized.

Celebration of Hope/Night of Lights - This much anticipated festival commemorates the arrival of the first settlers on the ARK. To Celebrate all those in non essential jobs get the day off. The day starts with a large gathering in the theater, where the Chairman and others on the council give speeches, Food portions are increased and flavored drinks and small sweets are served (this is one of the very few times such treats are available). Throughout the day there is music and plays in the theater. In the evening the lights in the halls are all dimmed and people put out small lanterns as a sort of beacon, welcoming friends and family to visit. In the late evening there is a dance/party, open to all, that goes most of the night.
Bechtel Feast - A celebration commemorating the Birth of Prescott Bechtel. The "Feast" consists of a larger dinner portion, flavored drinks and small sweets. The Chairman gives a toast to Prescott to kick off the dinner. Many give small gifts to family and loved ones.
Day of Remembrance - A day of remembrance, for the lives lost in the Bravery Attack, as well as the loss of their beloved leader. Many will visit the pools to remember loved ones lost aboard the ARK as well. At dinner the Chairman gives a speech to the inhabitants, and there is a moment of silence.
Day of Solidarity - the most recent addition, this day commemorates the day of the Odyssey's attack. It is a day of remembrance, both of the loss of life, but also how the ARK came together against those who would ham their own. There is a moment of silence in the morning.

Birth and Death


Mage awakenings are carefully monitored by the Guardians. Given the state of the world, more and more awakenings are troubled, and if there is even a hint of banisher or insanity, the mage is put down swiftly. It is far to dangerous to allow them to live, and they err on the side of caution every time.

For additional rules regarding Mages, see the Mage section


The Vampires are in a very unique position on the ARK. They are not a drain on the resources of the ship, at least not in the traditional sense, though they have the potential to be a drain on the population, quite literally. To keep them and their hunger in check there is a donation system in place. Blood donors are able to barter their blood, for additional resources, such as food and medicine. The perpetrators of truly terrible crimes, such as murder or theft of resources (See Justice section) are often harvested for their blood, which is stored and rationed out to the kindred.

For additional rules regarding Kindred, see the Vampire section


While some few changelings do make their way back, they are more and more rare, and they are in for a very rude awakening when they do return. Not only are they returning to a wholly alien world, but they are also viewed as a possible drain, which can cause some hostilities with the locals. Some speculate that the changelings that would have returned, are in fact returning to a destroyed earth and are in turn destroyed.

For additional rules regarding Changelings, see the Changeling section


While the Mortals are the most numerous of all the different races they are the least powerful. Unless they are skilled, they are relegated to drudge work in the kitchens or cleaning or other menial work. Though they are far from the only ones to do this labor, there is a greater number of humans found in this type of work. They humans do have one advantage though, as their blood does not have adverse effects on the vampires, they are often able to use it to barter for other resources.



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